Palmex remains one of the most important element at quality and visuality on modern day designs.For this we prefer to use our waterproof,hygenic,fire retardant roof covering product PALMEX.We are the only one companyof Palmex distribütör in Turkey which is made in Canada.The moveable of the product is easy and portable.Storage area of Palmex package don’t occupy big place.

Palmex has long-lasting storage duration.The reasons for preference of Palmex are;easy montage,long-lived product,20year warranty and utilization.Polyethylene which is used at manufacturing of boat,canoe and aquapark slide with it’s flexibility and softness.There are a lot of difference between Palmex and natural thatch which is alleged competitor to Palmex by consumers.Natural thatch is inclined to decay because of the insect and moss,but cleaning or maintanance is not required for Palmex.Palmex is passed the test of Astme-108 deflagration,however natural thatch has high degree of burning behaviour.Palmex is classed as C class burnable product.At first,it seem like the natural thatch is cheaper than Palmex,regular maintanance expenses increase the cost of natural thatch.Nowadays that the world’s source’s importance is increased,it finds out the Palmex’s importance for being recycling products and enviroment friendly products.

In this day anda ge because of the ecological cleaning movement ,even cleaning the natural leaves are forbidden in some countries.We suqqest Palmex to our clients because of the quality,hygiene and reliability of Palmex.We are proud to get positive results which we made the montage of Palmex from our clients,and it motivates us for our new projects.

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