We continue our designs with our artificial panel rock systems which we’ve been developing for 15years research and developmentworks.Our own patented artıfıcıal panel rock system constitute PALMROCK which underlines PALMART brand.We can create more easthetic views at our projects with our GFRP system artificial rocks which take the texture from natural Stones and which are painted to natural ston’s colors within our discretion.

Differently from old system artificial rocks,the reason for preference of GFRP Panel artificial rocks are;easy to manufacture ,moveable,external factors resistant,long-lived product.GFRP artificial rocks are transfered to the construction area packaged,differently from concrete artificial rocks.Saving of time of GFRP artificial rock is more than concrete artificial rocks with regards to application because of remaining just montage process.At GFRP systems,natural Stones powered by polyster are used ,just as at concrete artıfıcıal rock systems,sand,cement,wine mesh are used.For this reason GFRP SYSTEMS ARE LONG-LİVED PRODUCTS.It is not required to use extra insulating material because of polyster.With this,concreate artificial rocks are painted to remove the moss and dirt,GFRP system rocks are just wiped.GFRP systems are more durable to external factors than concrete systems as rain,sun,chlorinated pool water… etc.GFRP systems are moveable and demountable.But concrete artificial rock systems are fixed and not demountable.Our first preference is always to use long-lasting and quality products which are developed with thecnology in our projects.

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