Tülay Tosun

Tülay Tosun was born in the south of Turkey in Antalya. She completed her primary, middle and high school education in the same city. She attracted the attention of the profession of landscape architecture in high school years and made her choice for the college career in the direction of her preference to used in this work. In 1986, after completing the Landscape Architecture of the Aegean University, she returned to the city where she was born and started her business life in her own office.

In 1986 when she entered at the profession, Landscape Architecture in our country was not recognized yet and she never didn’t despair; she expanded her goals progressively each time and was able to sign the current successful references. At that times, she worked for the organization of the profession, by volunteering with their colleagues to establish “Society of Landscape Architecture Antalya Branch'' '' and served as president. In 1994, she worked together with their colleagues in the profession's love and idealistic ideas to be brought the association under the roof of the TMMOB with great dedication. At the same year, she experienced the joy of the moment and moment by taking part in the foundation of the Chamber of Landscape Architects. Afterwards she took an active role in the establishment of the Chamber of Landscape Architects Antalya Branch and continued as president until 1998.

Design is the language of her dreams with pencil and paper. The size of the design area is unimportant, neither small nor big, she combines experiences and knowledge with the world of imagination separately for each project and likes herself before she is going to share it with the investor. She doesn’t have limits for her designs; she can design a recreation area in hectares of land, the detail of the connection to the wood, even the ground floor. She thinks, that the right design is hidden in the details. To design different areas and locations have enabled the development of design strength of Tülay Tosun and always aroused excitement for her. She classified design as a math problem. According to her, the correct design occurs with the most accurate assessment of functionality, aesthetics and amenities. Her designs are surprise full, detailed, funny, enjoyable, and authentic.

She implies that the designer has not copy her self. She is willing for any improvement and always very willing to learn. New information relevant to her profession makes her always exciting. This leads to the excitement of the preparation of each project, like it is her first project. She is paying attention to the concept of designs, each project must have a story. She is in peace with technology but prepares her designs with hand-drawn, she is always ready to work, enables the viewers almost, to live in the project and presentations. The preparation of the application from the technology projects, which presented by the detail in her studio, is assisted from a young and dynamic team. Tülay Tosun continues to enjoy her fantastic designs also in outside of Turkey, in countries like Greece, Egypt and such as Libya.

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